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CNC Machining and CAD

CNC Machining

When you choose Defiant CNC for your precision machining needs, you can be confident that you will receive quality parts that meet your specifications.  With over 15 years of specialized precision CNC machining experience, Defiant CNC combines state-of-the-art equipment with dedicated staff to produce high quality, dependable machined parts.  Whether you are looking to have a prototype machined or have thousands of parts machined, Defiant CNC offers a full range of CNC milling and turning services to suit your needs. 

CAD Design

CAD allows for the easier development of products and product management integration.  If you have a concept or product idea that you would like to develop, Defiant CNC can help.  We have experience helping our customers model brand new parts as well as reverse engineering existing products.

Enterprise Resource Planning

We provide precision machine shops and companies in advanced manufacturing with custom Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems using Airtable, Zapier and other API friendly apps.  ERP is a tool for managing information where information management is the organized collection, storage and use of data for the benefit of a company.