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Enterprise Resource Planning

Streamline your business processes with our ERP strategies with custom automations that fit your business or personal needs.  Defiant CNC leverages Zapier integrations along with Airtable database tools.

Custom ERP Services

Database Design

Manage large amounts of data with an Airtable database custom designed for your company.

Dashboard Creation

We expand the functionality of your database by using blocks to display your records in a custom dashboard.


Seamless system integrations between Airtable and other apps using Zapier and API calls. 


We will help integrate our system into your company to maximize the benefits of organized data.


Receive custom reports at desired intervals (ie: Routing Sheets, First Article Reports, Internal Certs, etc).


Monitor key performance indicators in your custom database to enable better decision making.


Get your team on board with your new system efficiently through customized training sessions.

Backup Services

All your data will be safely backed up on our cloud-based servers and delivered to you upon your request, hassle-free.

Metrics Tracking

Our services allow the ability to track custom metrics and enable better decision-making with your data.

Automation Tools

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The Database Solution

Business Analysis & Data Modeling

Airtable is a database and database design requires some expertise.  A 2-step process is completed.

Business Analysis
Understand and analyze your company’s processes and workflow.

Data Modeling
Convert business concepts into a data structure.

Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) will give you a visual representation of your data model.

Airtable Base Setup & Automation

A new Airtable base is created by our team from scratch, this is completely customizable and designed to fit your needs.

A new Airtable base is set up – including the setup of the tables, views, formulas, and blocks.

KPIs are set up along with dynamic and automatically populated indicators.

Airtable base customized for your specific needs.

Test & Feedback

A thorough iteration of tests, review, feedback, and modifications are performed until the system fits your workflow perfectly.

We will have you perform tests on the Airtable base developed with sample data that is provided to you.

Feedback is collected, and adjustments are completed to improve the functionality and user experience.

Airtable base updated and improved based on your feedback.

Integration & Training

We will collaborate to explain the integration and assist with the training for your new Airtable base.

Airtable is connected to other API-friendly apps using Zapier.

An initial 2-hour training workshop is scheduled to demonstrate the functionalities of the Airtable base.  Another 2-hour session is scheduled for a follow-up.

Fully integrated Airtable base, plus 4 hours total hands-on training.

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