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Enterprise Resource Planning

We provide precision machine shops and companies in advanced manufacturing with a custom Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system using Airtable.  ERP is a tool for managing information where information management is the organized collection, storage and use of data for the benefit of a company.  Our ERP system consists of (1) designing a database specifically for your company using Airtable, (2) automating routine tasks and (3) integrating Airtable with your current technology.  We will work with you to develop the appropriate strategy for your business.

We create custom databases for our customers using Airtable and leverage the power of Zapier to automate routine tasks.  Zapier also allows our system to communicate with other API friendly applications, including but not limited to Quickbooks, Google Drive, PayPal, Stripe, Microsoft Office 365, Gmail, social media platforms, etc.  The database acts as a central hub to manage job scheduling, workflow, inventory, human resources, customer relationships,  sales & marketing, finances, quality control and machine maintenance.

Database Design Process

1️⃣ Business Analysis & Data Modeling

Airtable is a database and database design requires some expertise.  This process is divided in two steps:

  •  Business Analysis: Understand and analyze your company’s processes and workflow.
  •  Data Modeling: Convert business concepts into a data structure.

Deliverable – Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD), which gives you a visual representation of your data model

2️⃣ Airtable Base Setup & Automation

I will create a new Airtable base from scratch that I will customize to fit your business.

  •  Setup: I create a new Airtable base, set up the tables, views, formulas and blocks.
  •  Automation: I set up the KPIs and automatically populated indicators.

Deliverable – Airtable base customized for your company

3️⃣ Test & Feedback

Iteration of tests, review, feedback and modifications until the system fits your workflow perfectly.

  •  Test: You perform tests on the Airtable base I developed with some dummy data.
  •  Feedbacks: I utilize your feedback and make adjustments to improve the functionality and user experience.

Deliverable – Airtable base updated and improved based on your feedback

4️⃣ Integration and Training

This could include importing your data into your base.

  •  Integration: I connect Airtable to other API friendly apps using Zapier.
  •  Training: I setup an initial 2 hour training workshop to demonstrate the functionalities of the base and a 2 hour follow-up session.

Deliverable  Fully integrated Airtable base + 4 hours total training


Enterprise Resource Planning

Database Design

Manage large amounts of data with a database designed specifically for your company.

Dashboard/Block Creation

Let us extend the functionality of your base by using blocks to display and summarize your records.


Let us build a seamless system between Airtable and your other apps using Zapier.


We will help integrate our system into your company so you can maximize the benefits of organized data.


Receive custom reports (Routing Sheets, First Article Reports, Internal Certs, etc).


Once your automations are set up, we watch and maintain them in optimal condition.


Get your team on board with your new system efficiently through customized training.

Managed Backups

All your data will be safely backed up and delivered to you, without any of the hassle.

Metrics Tracking

Monitor key indicators in your database to enable better decision making.

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